Meet "Bruce Nixon"

Our founder and President, John Lillis, (known affectionately as: The Skipper), is married and he and his wife have been blessed with seven children. It was the story that may not have been...

The Skipper is, in fact, a proto-survivor of America’s abortion holocaust.  At the tender age of just 16, his mother was the victim of rape and through her own bravery and support of her family, she gave birth to him on August 30th, 1967, some five and a half months after the California legislature passed the Therapeutic Abortion Act! Though abandoned in a San Francisco hospital for three months, he eventually was put into a foster home in San Francisco and his name was Bruce Nixon; and one year later adopted by his foster parents and renamed John Lillis! 


The work is personal.


EDUCATION Franciscan University of Steubenville BA Broadcasting Arts




UNITED STATES COAST GUARD 1986-1990 Heavy Weapons. Boarding Officer OTA & Crypto Communications Navigation and Vessel Tactics Port Safety Station Houston USCGC Cape Romain, SF Bay


AMBASSADOR JOSEPH MUTABOBA, RWANDA 1995 -1996 SPECIAL ASSISTANT Providing technical, communication and local support during US visitation.


US STATE DEPARTMENT SPECIAL PROJECTS DIVISION 2003 - 2013 Provide as needed technical and kinetic support for certain operations within the guidelines put forth by the Secretary.

BROADCAST ENGINEER AND ON-AIR TALENT 1995 2013 Design, engineer and build radio properties across the United States from the studio to the tower. Host multiple drive-time radio programs.  

PAC CHAIR AND LOBBYIST 2003 - 2015 Work with family and life groups on important legislation in Nebraska and the US Capitol, Washington DC. Interfacing with US Senators and US Representatives, Governors and the general public to shape policy and law.

Listen To Episodes of the Bruce Nixon Show

2018-10-30-21-03-00-U Drive
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2018-11-06-21-03-00-U Drive
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2018-12-04-21-03-00-U Drive
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2018-10-23-21-03-00-U Drive
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2019-02-12-21-03-00-U Drive
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2019-02-05-21-03-00-U Drive
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2019-01-08-21-03-00-U Drive
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01JAN19 BNLC Sponsor Show PART I
00:00 / 30:26
2018-12-18-21-03-00-U Drive
00:00 / 56:59
2019-01-22-21-03-00-U Drive
00:00 / 56:59
2019-01-29-21-03-00-U Drive
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2018-11-20-21-03-00-U Drive
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2018-12-11-21-03-00-U Drive
00:00 / 56:58
01JAN19 BNLC Sponsor Show PARTII
00:00 / 26:44
2019-01-15-21-03-00-U Drive
00:00 / 56:59
2018-11-27-21-03-00-U Drive
00:00 / 56:59


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