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Our non-profit is working to save USCGC Cape Romain from the scrapheap.  I am a native of San Francisco and a proud former member of the Sea Scouts, Dolphin unit out of Aquatic Park, SF; I am also a United States Coast Guard veteran who got to come home to SF, YBI, to serve aboard CGC Cape Romain as a member of the last crew before she was decommissioned and given to the Navy.  After lobbying for years, the Cutter eventually did make it to the Sea Scouts and they now have her in Redwood City.  After years of attempting to get a cutter for our work to help save people and the planet, we finally found a ship and wouldn't you know it, it is the Cape Romain. 


So, we need two things: First, somewhere to tow her and tie her up while we raise money for the retrofit.  She has much to be done, but can be towed to and parked; she has no oils, no fuel and so is environmentally safe.  Time is of the essence as the Scouts are trying to "get her off the books" and we need a home for her, while she waits to get into the Yards.


Long of the short is, we would love "one stop shopping" here and use your shipyard services as well, but as in all things, assessments are to be made and that cannot be done until she is moored safely somewhere and in our control.


The question is: Can/Will you help us?  We are not looking for a freebie, just reasonable and after we know it is possible and how much it will cost, we can go to the budget/donors to get the money, get her towed and move on from there.


Sound good?  Please email me or call, I am happy to spend some time answering questions, etc.




John Lillis, President

Bruce Nixon Life Charities


The Big Project

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