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Non-Plantation, Wild-Grown Coffee

My name is Anthony Byrd and the name of my coffee company comes from my rich and historic past as the Great-Nephew of the one and only Admiral Richard E. Byrd.


I love coffee!


Most of my friends and associates call me T-Byrd. I have been traveling around the world for over 45 years as audio engineer, personal technician and stage technician for many major Rock 'n Roll legends and a whole lot of musical acts, in between. 

While touring the globe, I have tried and enjoyed coffees from every corner of the world. 8-1/2 yrs ago, I fell in love with the coffees of Papua New Guinea and have had the pleasure to work as a part-time sales and distribution point man for a major importer of Wild-Grown raw coffees from the highlands of Papua New Guinea.


Now I have partnered with the original importer, who is a bush pilot,friend and neighbor, who flies in Papua New Guinea highlands, looking for only the best tasting "Wild Grown"green bean coffee in the upper mountain elevations. Here, the native tribes -- referred to as Mudmen -- grow and maintain the wild coffee and, with the help of our pilot friend and importers like me, are able to bring their coffees to civilization for sale, and I make them available for you here now!

I am partnered with PNG Highlands for importing mass quantities of Wild-Grown Coffee;  and, here in Phoenix, I am partnered with Lifeboat Coffee Co where the Admiralty Roaster resides and where I am always for roasting and packaging -- fresh to you!

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